1. What is the best time to book a show?
The Critter Squad animal parties can be booked year-round. Anytime is a great time for an animal presentation! Be sure to book quickly in the summer though as we tend to be quite busy!


2. How much does it cost to throw a Critter Squad party?
There is a wide range of Critter Squad packages which results in many different prices. Please refer to our party pricing page for more details.  If you don’t see something you like please ask us about our Mix It Up package or call us for a quote on exactly what you need.


3. Why do I have to make a deposit to book?
Deposits are required for holding your party date and time. Since there are so many customers booking it is important to us to make sure we lock everyone in properly.


4. Can I hold a date while I go over details?
Yes, Critter Squad does allow 24 hour holds to be placed as you work out the details.


5. How long in advance should I book my show?

The Critter Squad prefers shows to be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. It is highly recommended to book your show or package as soon as possible as our shows book rapidly, especially during the summer months.  Certain times are busier then others, so it is always good to plan ahead.




6. Does The Critter Squad have insurance?

Yes, The Critter Squad does have liability insurance. For more information contact The Critter Squad’s main office.


7. Are the teachers exciting?

Yes, The Critter Squad works really hard to make sure that all of our teachers are not only exciting, but educational. Our teachers do this on a daily basis and love educating the public.


8. Are the teachers qualified to work with animals?

Yes, The Critter Squad staff consists of many fantastic people with lots of educational background and tons of animal experience.  Critter Squad teachers consist of biologists, E.A.T.M graduates, long term zoo keepers and more.  All Critter Squad teachers uphold excellent standards and posses extensive training in working with animals.


9. Are the animals in the presentations dangerous?

The animals used in the presentations are handled on a daily basis so they are very nice and tame. Our staff is also highly trained on holding and understanding the animals so they can do their very best at having a safe and exciting event. Please see the “Our Critters” page to view our animal friends.


10. Where does The Critter Squad get its animals?

The Critter Squad works with my different reptile societies, rescue networks and captive breeders, which is where we get most of our animals. The majority of animals are rescued and are able to join our team to help educate the public.


11. What methods of payment are accepted?

The Critter Squad accepts all major forms of payment, including cash, check, credit card and PayPal.  We can even accept credit cards out in the field.


12. When must the payment be made?

All payments are due in full on or before you event begins. The Critter Squad will not start our presentation until all payments have been processed.


13. How far will The Critter Squad travel for a presentation?

The Critter Squad will travel as far as necessary to host an amazing event. Please note that Traveling Fees occur for all events.  For events that reach new counties other then Los Angeles County and Orange County, there are county fees associated with each show as well. Review our terms and conditions page for more details.


14. Can we touch the animals?

Yes, the majority of The Critter Squad presentations are hands-on, but a few are not. Non-hands on presentations are usually our giant sized presentations like auditorium shows or public shows and there are a few animals like our larger birds (like macaws and birds of prey) that we do not allow touching with; everything else is hands-on.


15. Are there enough animals to keep my child’s interest?

The Critter Squad has an amazing amount of critters. With over 50 different animal species and about 145 different animals, we are sure to keep you entertained. Working with herpetological societies, breeders and rescues allows our numbers of different animals to continually grow.


16. What is the Traveling Fee?

The Critter Squad has traveling fees (please review our Terms and Conditions“) for all of our events. We charge a $0.75/mile, round trip traveling fee based on the distance from your event to our main facility located in Tarzana, CA.


17. I booked a party with the Critter Squad. Where should I have them park?

Absolutely! Our Animal Teachers appreciate being able to efficiently and easily transport animals from the vehicle to the event space. Securing a parking space close to the event to minimize set-up and clean-up time helps us make the event go smoothly. Please review our Terms and Conditions for details on what our teachers need for a fun and successful show!


18. Can I take pictures during the show?

The Critter Squad loves it when you take pictures. Please be sure to work with your education specialist to find the best way to safely take pictures, as every party is different.


19. Is there a temperature that is too hot for a party.?

That’s a great question! Yes, for the safety of the animals we will not do animal shows outside above 90 degrees.  Please see our Terms and Conditions page for more details.


20. Is there restrictions on doing my party indoor or outdoors?

The Critter Squad has no preference on whether you do your party indoors or outdoors. There are certain parties we do not suggest to have indoors, like petting zoos.  Please consult with our bookers in the main office for more details on what works best for each party.


21. How much space is needed to have a Critter Squad event?

This is a hard question since every event is different.  Something as simple as the number of party guests can really change the layout of the event.  Critter Squad suggests that you have at least an area of 10 x 10 set aside for the show, as the animal teacher and the animals tend to walk around to all the guests.