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Our Mission

Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders are on a mission to make learning and protecting wildlife an ingrained task of all humans; children and adults alike! Our goal is to bring the joy of wildlife right into your home through hands-on and digital educational outreach, while doing what we can to help support local wildlife! Join the C.S wildlife defenders on a global mission to save the planet!

Mobile Petting Zoo
Meet The Team

United by one passion, our unique team strives to help promote wildlife conservation and making the world a better place for all flora and fauna species.Click here to learn more about the amazing Critter Squad Wildlife Defender educators.


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It’s spooky season once again, Defenders! Come celebrate with a run down of some of Critter Squad’s creepiest crawlies, and have a fun & safe Halloween! Remember, you can find all our awesome videos right here on our Youtube Channel!

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