3 Reasons To Have A Reptile Store Party

If you haven’t heard yet, the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders has teamed up with the Painted Reptile to do all of our amazing animal birthday parties and classes inside their awesome location. The Painted Reptile is located in Tarzana, Ca and they have a very unique and private location that is great for hosting quick, private reptile and animal parties. Not only does Painted Reptile have their own exciting reptile packages, but we offer all our birthday party packages for their location as well, including indoor petting zoos. In this article we are going to go over three reasons for you to have an animal birthday party at the reptile store.

1.  Submersed in reptiles and other animals

The Painted Reptile is FULL of animals. So, if you decide to have your animal party there, you are literally submersed in animals.  They have beautiful enclosures and beautiful animals which will surround your entire group of guests.    They have over 100 cages and they are all full on a regular basis.  They are also the only reptile store in Los Angeles that has educational animals on display in the store.  These educational animals are not for sale and are there to spread awareness and help teach the public.  So, what better what to have your animal party then being surrounded by animals.

2. Beautiful Artwork and Graphics

The Painted Reptile is known for their beautiful art work and a giant mural in the main area.  The reptile store has great spots for you to take the best pictures during your party, which is very popular for kids of all ages.  You will enjoy the vibes and style that painted reptile offers in their store and when you combine that with Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders birthday party packages you will get some highly memorable experiences that we suggest all of our customers let their kids experience at least once.

3. Huge Deals and Discounts on Reptile Supplies

All customers of Critter Squad, who book their event at Painted Reptile will be offered HUGE deals and savings on supplies, feeders and new pets purchased at Painted Reptile. To make it even more exciting Painted Reptile will be offering discounts and deals to all members of your party!  All your friends and family get the amazing discounts, so you all can become potential reptile owners or upgrade your current pets enclosure.  They are even very helpful with things like nail trims, mite washing and sexing which they offer discounts on as well.

We hope that you decide to have your new reptile birthday or animal party with the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders and we hope that you rent out the reptile store,Painted Reptile, so that we have help you host the best party your family has ever had!  Don’t hesitate and click the link to book your party today.