Are there dangers like bites and scratches if I have an Animal Party?

At Critter Squad, we take a lot of pride in working with our animals. Our animals are handled on a regular basis and worked with by our Educational Specialists. They are incredibly comfortable with people and we take a lot of pride in having them act as our animal ambassadors to the public. Even many animals with a reputation for being “scary” or “bad”, are often very docile animals that would rather run and hide than bite.

However, at Critter Squad, we always say that anything with a mouth can bite. Many animals won’t just bite out of aggression, but will out bite out of fear or even curiosity. (For many insectivores, wiggly fingers in front of the mouth can resemble tasty worms). Along with bites, animals can be wiggly and even claws used by herbivorous animals for digging, like rabbit and tortoise claws, can scratch.

Exotic petting zoo

That being said, all bites and scratches are incidental, and many outside factors need to be considered when it comes to an animal biting. Our Education Specialists are skilled at reading crowds and the animals they work with and always do their best to make sure the animal is being interacted with in the safest way possible.  We do however, ask that that you and your party guests are mindful of our rules, such as no scaring our animals by making loud noises or jumping up and down, when  these rules are followed, the animal will be relaxed and calm, minimizing the risk of any incidental bites or scratches!


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