Petting Zoo Rental in Los Angeles

A Petting Zoo Rental in Los Angeles is a Great Addition to a Birthday Party

A petting zoo rental in Los Angeles is a fantastic opportunity for you to add fun and excitement to your child’s birthday party. The reason for this is that it’s unique and fun for every guest. Most parents opt to have a petting zoo and a pony ride, because children can have something to do while they wait to ride the pony. The area it needs is small, and a regular suburban yard will suffice for the services that you choose.

What animals are included?

Critter Squad has different species of animals. You can choose what animals you can have for your outdoor event, but we recommend you choose rabbits, reptiles, goats, horse or donkey. From there, you can add other specialty animals, like pigs, a large tortoise, and cows. If you’re looking for exotic animals, we have those too, just let us know what rare animals you wish to include. Our petting zoo rental is educational, and we serve all areas in Los Angeles. We offer hands-on experience that kids and guests will be sure to cherish. The petting zoo rental in Los Angeles that we offer is ideal for children ages one to 99. We also cater corporate events, school educational events, company picnics, weddings and other occasions. Our company is insured and a partner of VCA Animal Hospitals.

Petting Zoo Rental in Los Angeles

Why choose a petting zoo rental in Los Angeles?

There are many things that your kids can take away when they go to a petting zoo for the first time. One of those benefits is that they get to see different animals first-hand. It’s especially beneficial for kids who live in the city as they don’t get to see those animals that are living in the petting zoos. Our petting zoo includes hand-raised and gentle animals. Kids can find chickens, ducks, a mini pig, tortoises, and frogs. Touching the animals will be new but exciting to your kids. You can watch them find their favorite animals that they can have as a pet in the future. Since animals have different textures, it’ll be a new experience for your kids when they touch them.

Let Critter Squad Come to Your Next Party

While renting a petting zoo, your kids can gain knowledge about the different animals and learn the difference between them. Another benefit of a petting zoo rental for your kids’ birthday party is that your children and their friends can hear the sounds of the animals for the first time. Keep in mind that these animals make different sounds. The experience will be unlike anything that they’ve experienced, which makes it unique. Check out our petting zoo rental package page to know more about the animals you can have!