reptiles for birthday party

Add To The Excitement With Reptile Party Invitations And Accessories

Your kids have been looking forward to their reptile birthday party for weeks now, and you want to keep that interest flowing by sending out invitations that look amazing and having great accessories that will make your kid’s party memorable for everyone who attends. If you are looking for fantastic accessories including toy bags and Reptile party invitations, then we can give you the add-ons that you want to make the party go well. Just contact critter squad and we can give you information about our accessories, including invitations.

Party Bags And Gifts

One of the most traditional accessories for any party is the gift bags that kids receive at the end of the day. These might contain food, wildlife goodies, or party treats that will let the kids have a memento of the day. We also offer food bags which can be used with our tortoise party and will allow the kids to feed the animals as well as pet them or enjoy their company. We recommend these food bags when you come to the petting zoo, and you will receive one bag for each hour-long event. Longer periods may be able to buy more food bags.

reptiles for birthday party


Invitations And Other Surprises

You can find suitable invitations to ensure that all of your kids’ friends know that they are coming to a great reptile party. Sending out these invitations will also tell parents that the Critter Squad is coming to the party, so they will be aware before it happens. In addition, we can also help you choose other special events at the party, including a specimen table which will allow kids to look in more details at fossils, skeletons, and other reptile and insect collections. This is a unique display that will entertain everyone, including the adults.

Book Your Party With Us Today

If you have organized the party and arranged for food, then the only thing left before you send out your Reptile party invitations is to make sure that you book a visit from the Critter Squad. Our teams can bring a host of different reptiles, including legless lizards, geckos, and turtles that will keep your children and their guests occupied throughout the party. Talk to our team today to place an order for a special reptile party by contacting us through our online form, or by calling us on 818-654-9433 now.