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Sponsor a Critter Program

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Sponsor-A-Critter Application

Animal Sponsorship

By Sponsoring an animal at Critter Squad you are helping us to provide the best possible care for our animals. We are able to purchase food and bedding, provide veterinary care, and continually enhance our animals’ enclosures.

Many of our animals are used for educational shows. They are very important to us and to everyone who has been able to make a personal connection with wildlife by interacting with our amazing animals. By participating in the Sponsor-A-Critter program you will be helping Critter Squad to continue educating and fascinating audiences.

The cost just to feed our animals is $50,000 a year. Some of our animals require specialized diets or medical care. You can help us provide proper care for all our animals by participating in our Sponsor-A-Critter program.

You are able to learn about the species of animals you choose to adopt as well as create a special bond with the individual you adopt.

When you participate in our Sponsor-A-Critter program you support Critter Squad and express your love of animals by supporting one of our many critters. Your Sponsored animal remains at the Critter Squad facility, receiving the very best care possible.

Who can Sponsor an animal?

Anyone can participate in our Sponsor-A-Critter program. Animals can be adopted by individuals or groups such as schools, scout troops, and businesses.

Animal Sponsor packages make great gifts for friends and family!

How much does it cost to Sponsor an animal?

Every animal here at Critter Squad has different needs so adoption fees vary. Prices range from $25.00 – $500.00

See Animal Sponsor packages for Price List

What benefits do I receive by participating in the Sponsor-A-Critter program?

By Sponsoring any of our animals, you will receive the following:

  • Sponsor-A-Critter certificate of adoption
  • Animal fact sheets about the species you have chosen
  • Color photo
  • Monthly Animal encounters with your adopted critter
  • Petting zoo party with my sponsored critter

If you book any parties or events with Critter Squad, your Sponsored animal will be added to your show at no additional cost.

When you sponsor a critter they have the chance to be a guest at your next petting zoo party!

Sounds great! How do I participate in the Sponsor-A-Critter program?

Adopting an animal is easy. Just pick the animal you would like to adopt, fill out the Sponsor-A-Critter application, and send it back to us in the mail along with a check in the amount of the adoption fee of the critter you choose.

Completed Sponsor-A-Critter applications and payments can be sent to:

Critter Squad

P.O. Box 14027

Van Nuys, Ca 91409

Once your application has been received and processed you will receive your Sponsor-A-Critter adoption certificate, animal fact sheet, and color photo in the mail. We will contact you to schedule your animal encounter.

If you have any questions regarding the Sponsor-A-Critter program you can call our office at (818) 654-9433 or email venus@crittersquad.com for more information.

We are always getting new animals here at Critter Squad so don’t forget to check our website for more Sponsor-A-Critter opportunities!

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Sponsor-A-Critter Application


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