Amazing Fun for All at a Reptile Petting Zoo

While going to a larger zoo can be a lot fun for everyone, your children may have a special interest only in certain types of animals and would rather spend time just looking and watching them. For both boys and girls, reptiles can have this effect. The way the reptiles look, the way they move and how they eat and interact can be both fascinating and fun to watch. Since your child has so much fun spending time at the reptile house and perhaps even looks at and reads about reptiles online, you might want to think about the amazing fun they could have with the reptile zoo right in your own home for their next party.

Mobile Petting Zoos for Added Fun

While the idea of having a pony or something of that nature is nothing new when it comes to birthday parties, going the extra mile to have a petting zoo on site for the party can be a great deal of fun. There are zoos that will come right to you to perform particular programs that revolve around the animals that your child loves the best. You could have several different reptiles brought to your home and have a program held by an experienced educator and handler that can display each of the reptiles, explain what they are, how they live, how they eat and what they do and then allow the children the chance to touch and interact with the animal.

Great Reptile Experience

Amazing Fun for All at a Reptile Petting Zoo

When the reptile zoo comes to your home they can bring just the type of reptiles your child has the most interest in. This could include different species of turtles and tortoises, lizards, snakes or any combination of the reptiles you think they will enjoy the most. The experience of having the reptiles in your home for the party and the pictures and video you can create of the party will give them incredible memories that will last a lifetime and help to foster their interest in reptiles.

If you have an interest in having the reptile zoo available for your child’s next party then you want to be sure to call the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433 or go to their website at so you can learn more about the reptile theme parties and make all of the necessary arrangements for your party date.