An Animal and Reptile Park Zoo in Your Backyard!

An Animal and Reptile Park Zoo in Your Backyard!

Bringing your child to the zoo can be a lot of fun for you and the family, but the reality is that the zoo is basically an experience where you are just looking at animals from a distance. You see animals and reptiles behind cages and glass enclosures, and many times it can be difficult for you or your child to get close enough to even see the animal in the first place. It would be great if your zoo experience could be more interactive so your child could see the animals up close, watch them closely, and even touch and hold them. Sounds impossible, right? In reality, you can have an animal and reptile park zoo right in your own backyard thanks to us at Critter Squad.

See and Hold a Reptile

If your child has always dreamed of the chance to hold a snake or exotic lizard or see the special tortoise up close and touch its shell, Critter Squad can make that happen for you. Our unique programs can bring reptile shows to your home for your child’s next birthday party or event. We can bring all kinds of exotic reptiles to your home and, with the help of our experienced educators and handlers, teach everyone in attendance all about the different reptiles, how they live, what they eat, and more. Best of all, everyone will get the chance to interact with the reptiles so they can hold and touch them if they wish.

An Animal and Reptile Park Zoo in Your Backyard

An Animal Petting Zoo Too!

One of the services we offer at Critter Squad includes the use of an animal and reptile park zoo that we can bring to your event. We can bring animals with us that are cuddly and cute that children and adults will want to hold and touch. Animals like rabbits, ducks, mini pigs or chickens can all come to your backyard so that the kids can sit with them and touch them to see what they are like.

Book Your Zoo Experience Today

Arranging for an animal and reptile park zoo in your backyard is simple for you. All you need to do is reach out to us here at Critter Squad by calling 818-654-9433, and we will be happy to supply you with all the details. You can book your event with us today and choose the program you want so that we can come to your home and give your child, your family, and your friends a unique experience with animals that they will talk about for a long time.