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Animal Coloring Pages To Do In Quaratine.

Hey Defenders!  We hope that everyone is being safe during this crazy time.  Things have been tough for us here in the zoo and we can only imagine how things are for everyone at home.  It is an unprecedented time for the whole world and we are staying positive for ourselves and everyone facing a hard time during the era of Covid19.  Our hearts are with anyone who has lost a loved one or family member during this time!

If we are like us here in Los Angeles, Ca, then you are on a lock down or what we call a “safer at home” order.  This safer at home order causes all non-essential businesses to close and many families and children to be home. Since we are going on our 4th week of lock down, we know that most people are starting to run out of ways to entertain their children. So we have laid out this blog to show you some of the amazing animal coloring pages that we make here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders.   During this covid19 outbreak we are offering all of our animal coloring pages for  FREE!   Reptile coloring pages, mammal coloring pages, insect coloring pages, bird coloring pages are all FREE! Don’t worry everyone, there is even more coloring pages then we listed here.


Turtle and Tortoise coloring pages:

To start of this links of coloring pages, we are going to share with you the link to our Turtle and Tortoise coloring pages.  There is many great coloring pages in this section, including a Russian tortoise coloring page and an ornate box turtle coloring page.  Head to the section to see some awesome sea turtle coloring pages, along with some other tortoise coloring pages.  Click here for Turtle and Tortoise coloring pages. 

Marine Animal Coloring Pages:

When you are all finished with the turtle and tortoise coloring pages then you can head over to check out all of our marine animal coloring pages. Marine animals are ones that are found in the ocean and we have some exciting ones, like harbor seal coloring pages, vampire crab coloring pages and even a colossal squid coloring page.  So head over and check them out.  Click here for the Marine Mammal coloring pages. 

Mammal Coloring Pages:

We are excited to share with you our most popular animal coloring page section, the mammal coloring pages!  Kids love mammals and they will definitely love Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s unique mammal coloring pages.  We have a couple dozen, amazing mammal coloring pages that you don’t want to miss out on, including a pygmy marmoset coloring page, African lion coloring page, sugar glider coloring page and even a kinkajou coloring page.  There is so many more coloring pages that you must see, so click here for mammal coloring pages!