Learn Animal Facts While At Home!

Hey Defenders!  We are living in a world of crazy times, but no matter what is going on, we want to help and continue to inspire children through animal education.  Educational platforms that help children learn about animals are incredibly important during this time of uncertainty. Although, Covid19 has changed our lives for now, it is important that we continue our mission of educating the public and younger generation about animals.  The majority of our team is not working due to the closures of schools, but our digital team is working hard to continue making new activities that your family can do at home.

Animal Coloring Pages To Do In Quaratine.

Since animal education is so important to us, we have continued to make digital lesson plans and have been hosting zoom classes, as well.  Virtual classes, through hosting sites like zoom and go to meeting have become very popular for us and other educators.  If you are waiting for your online class passwords and details you can explore our online kids zone, which is an animal center full of animal facts, animal videos and dozens of other ways for your child to learn about animals.  Our animal facts are laid out in a way that make learning fun and easy for younger children.  If you are looking for more detailed learning then you make take classes at your own pace and through our online academy.  You can learn major biology principals, study animals in detail and focus on unique animal lessons, all from your home computer or tablet.

We totally understand that kids need time to have fun, so we actually have animal games directly on our kids zone website.  Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders makes some of the best animal games.  Our site contains mazes, word searches, crossword puzzles, and even the good old fashion video games.

Our educators and everyone here on the Critter Squad team, wishes you the best of luck during this hard time and we are hoping that we all get through this together. We can’t wait to get back to doing classroom shows and being a part of all the public events going on around Los Angeles.  Stay Safe defenders!

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