The Animal and Reptile Park Zoo in Your Backyard

The Animal and Reptile Park Zoo in Your Backyard

Your child has always had a vivid imagination and is great at creating adventures that they can enjoy right in your home or backyard. Perhaps one of their favorites involves creating scenes in a rainforest or jungle, where they can go on adventures and see and interact with all kinds of different animals, birds, and reptiles. While this play can be a lot of fun for them as they use their toys and stuffed animals for props, it would be great if you could make their play come true and bring this type of fun right to your home. You can have the animal and reptile park zoo of your child’s dreams right in your backyard when you call us at Critter Squad.

Better Than Going to the Zoo

While your child can certainly see many of the animals and reptiles that they imagine when you go to a local or nearby zoo, it is not quite the same as having the animals right there with you so you can see them up close. Zoos provide a great educational opportunity, but very often the favorite animals and reptiles can be very hard to catch a glimpse of as they hide and blend in with their surroundings. The experience that we can bring to your home goes well beyond just looking at the animals and reptiles behind glass or in a cage.

What We Can Bring

When you arrange for a party or program with us at Critter Squad, we bring the animal and reptile park zoo right to you. We have a variety of animals, birds, reptiles, mammals and more that you can choose from to have brought to your event. We can create an extra-special birthday party for your son or daughter by having our educators come to your home with the snakes, lizards, tortoises, birds or small animals that your child talks about so that they can learn about them, see them and touch and hold them.

Find the Program for You

To learn more about our great animal and reptile park zoo that we can bring to you, head over to our website at and read all about us and the programs we offer. You can see all of the activities and programs you can select from and find what will be perfect for your child’s party. Then give us a call at Critter Squad at 818-654-9433 so you can schedule a program and bring your child’s adventure to life.