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Try An Animal Word Search Puzzle!

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Hey Defenders! Anyone who has been to elementary school has probably heard of word searches. Word searches are a fun puzzle for children and adults to work on that come in a variety of categories and range from easy to hard. Word Searches were first invented in the United States on March 1st, 1968 in a local digest published in Oklahoma, but a similar Spanish game was seen and played earlier. Word Searches were a huge hit! They took off, as a fun puzzle to play and challenge yourself and soon became a puzzle published regularly. Word searches are a well known game played, printed and downloaded in many settings, especially for school age or elementary school children, which is why we decided Animal Word Search Puzzles needed to be a regular thing in our classes and something all our viewers could download online 


Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders creates multiple varieties of digital animal activities, including Animal Word Search Puzzles! That’s right defenders, we have lots of animal word searches for you and your friends or fellow classmates to complete at anytime! Our word searches even include animal facts from our friendly wildlife defender ambassador friends! So, be sure to head on over to our kids zone to download all the exciting animal word searches that we have! To help make things easier we have added some links to some of our most popular word searches below.


Enjoy These Animal Word Search Puzzles

We know there are so many reptile lovers out there nowadays. So, we have created some great reptile word searches for you to enjoy!


Link for Bearded Dragon Word Search:


Link for Crested Gecko Word Search:


Link for Ball Python Word Search:


Just in case reptiles aren’t your thing we have added the links to some popular mammal word searches!

Link for Domestic Mouse Word Search:


Lastly, we added two word searches that our defenders in class love doing, which is our Hermit Crab word search and our African animals word search puzzle.


Link for Hermit Crab Word Search:


Link for African animal word search:

Don’t forget defenders we have lots more animal word searches available on the kids zone section of our website.  In the kids zone you will also find, animal fact sheets, animal video games, the animal of the week, along with lots more fun animals activities for kids of all ages!   These Animal Word Search Puzzles are also a great hand out for after your defenders animal birthday party!