Are Bugs Dangerous for Kids to Touch at Insect Parties?

Despite their reputation as being “scary” and “dangerous”, many bugs, spiders and other “creepy crawly” critters are generally harmless animals. While some of Critter Squad’s arachnids such as the tarantulas and scorpions are venomous, it’s important to know that their venom is meant to hurt prey much much smaller than them and to a person, their sting or bites are no more harmful than a bee sting! Many of our other arachnids such as our Vinegaroom or Tailless Whip Scorpion are incredibly docile animals, while some insects, such as our Indonesian Walking Sticks, are even physically incapable of biting!


However, even though many of Critter Squad’s bugs are harmless, they’re very fragile and even a gentle touch can hurt them. For some arachnids, who’s main predators in the wild are birds, a hand attempting to pet them can easily startle them, resulting in them biting or stinging out of fear. A Tarantula can even kick off its hairs into skin of curious hands that can cause an extreme itching sensation!

But while  some of our bugs are hands off, that’s not to say all the creatures at our insect parties are.  Many of them are allowed to be gently touched with one finger such as our hissing cockroaches and our giant millipedes! Also, while many insects and arachnids cannot be touched, many can be handled. Imagine the excitement of you and your guests handling a stick bug or even a Chilean rose-haired tarantula!


Critter Squad offers an amazing variety of insects and arachnids for your event! Check out our list of Insect Parties, or Contact the Critter Squad to request additional insects and bugs and your next event!