Asian Tiger Mosquito: Bloody Dangerous!

Are you ready Defenders? This newest Animal of the week is one of the most DANGEROUS on the planet! And guess what…they’re smaller than your hand! That’s right, we’ve got the Asian Tiger Mosquito this week. Just like the Tiger Salamander, these mosquitoes get their name from their stripes. These mosquitoes also have the trait of sexual dimorphism, where the females are generally larger than the males. The Asian Tiger Mosquito (and mosquitoes in general) are very serious pests. Because they are bloodsuckers, they can spread many dangerous diseases such as the Zika Virus.

What are Asian Tiger Mosquitoes attracted to?

The Asian Tiger Mosquito is ultimately just another mosquito, so the same things that attract a common mosquito will get these guys buzzing. Sweat, certain odors, and dark clothing all attracts mosquitoes. Seeing as most people need to avoid mosquitoes in the summer, and dark clothing absorbs heat, we recommend light clothing to stay cool & mosquito free!

How do you repel Tiger Mosquitoes?

The first step to repelling these pests is stopping them before they start. Remove any standing water, like cleaning birdbaths regularly. Mosquitoes can develop in just an ounce of standing water, so even a small water source can get things started. Some things like citronella and candles can help, but ultimately aren’t super effective. The most effective insect repellent is DEET. This is military grade and was created for troops in the jungle. The EPA promotes registered brands are good to use as directed, so you don’t need the highest grade to still get some results.

Where are Asian Tiger Mosquitoes found?

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes are invasive nowadays so they are found in many locations. Like their name suggests, originally, they come from Asia. Specifically in the subtropical regions of southeast Asia. Generally they like a warmer & humid climate, however many mosquitoes have began adapted to cooler and more temperate regions.

How long do Asian Tiger Mosquitoes live?

The Asian Tiger Mosquito goes through four stages in life – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The eggs then hatch into larva. Within two weeks with the right conditions the larva turn to adults. The cycle ends after only about 3 weeks to a month where the adults die after reproducing.

Do all Tiger Mosquitoes spread Disease?

The truth is, the majority of mosquitoes are just nuisances. The exact diseases that the animal might carry depends on your location. However it is very true that mosquitoes can carry some really dangerous diseases. These include many such as Dengue Fever, Zika Virus, West Nile Virus, and more. It’s always good to take precautions no matter what though, so wearing the correct clothing and taking insect repellent is very important!




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