Meet Baby Animals Here!

Hey Defenders!  It’s that time of the year when we are lucky enough to have a few baby animals here in the facility. Spring is usually a season for the arrival of babies and we often have some cuties that everyone loves to see.  This year we are going to have baby snakes, geckos, degus,…

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Zoom Animal Classes!

Hey Defenders!  We wanted to tell you about some exciting new services we have been offering and some changes to our operations during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic.  We know this has been a hard time for everyone and it has been a hard time here for us in the zoo, as well. …

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Learn Animal Facts While At Home!

Hey Defenders!  We are living in a world of crazy times, but no matter what is going on, we want to help and continue to inspire children through animal education.  Educational platforms that help children learn about animals are incredibly important during this time of uncertainty. Although, Covid19 has changed our lives for now, it…

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Sand Cat

Animal Coloring Pages To Do In Quaratine.

Hey Defenders!  We hope that everyone is being safe during this crazy time.  Things have been tough for us here in the zoo and we can only imagine how things are for everyone at home.  It is an unprecedented time for the whole world and we are staying positive for ourselves and everyone facing a…

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Most Diverse Animal Parties In Los Angeles!

Critter Squad, aka the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders is an exotic animal and conservation outreach program located in the San Fernando Valley, just outside the city of Los Angeles.  Our facility houses over 115 individual animals and over 60 species of animals.  Except for some rare occasions, the majority of animals at Critter Squad are…

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Indian Elephant aotw

Learn About Snakes And Elephants!

Hey Defenders! Thank you for visiting our educational website.  We have been building our learning center called the Kids Zone and we have numerous resources for kids excited to learn and educators eager to teach.  We are working on new activities and educational material regularly, along with developing educational videos to watch in school.  Every…

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Southern California Snake Parties!

Hello to all our Southern California Snake Loving Defenders! Spring is coming and its a great time to start thinking about those snake parties for the upcoming birthday parties. Snakes are one of the most commonly misunderstood animals and they continue to fascinate the minds of everyone they encounter.  Our scaly serpents are common sights…

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Volunteers Needed!

Hey Defenders!  We constantly have people messaging us about volunteering here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders headquarters and we love all the help and support we can get.   We have lots of exciting things you can do to help volunteer and you will gain amazing skills at the same time.  We take pride in our…

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