Animal of the Week Spotted Hyena

The SpottieOttieDopalicious Hyena

To start off the summer month of June, we’ve got a real treat for our Animal of the week. This time we’ve got the wonderful Spotted Hyena, a hunting & scavenging mammal found in Africa. In fact, they are the most common found large carnivore in Africa, in part due to their opportunistic feeding habits….

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Animal of the Week Egyptian Cobra

The Venomous Egyptian Cobra

Coming up this time on our Animal of the Week schedule is the Egyptian Cobra. Everyone knows cobras because of their awesome defense posture! You know, when they stand up tall and flatten out their necks into a hood shape and hiss while lunging at their attackers. Egyptian Cobras are one of the largest species…

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Animal of the week leatherback sea turtle

We Love the Leatherback Sea Turtle!

Some of the world’s oceans are patrolled by the mighty but gentle giants that police the out of control jellyfish populations. They have armor that will stop the majority of sharks in their current tracks… Haha, get it? “current” tracks! Nevermind, let’s continue. These animals can hold their breath for incredible lengths of time. They…

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The Squadcast – Episode 6: Platypuses & Phobias

Mychal is very excited in this week’s episode, as our Animal of the Week is her favorite. The Duck Billed Platypus kicks off our discussion before we check back in on news of the crazy looking Sonic. To wrap things up, Ravmon & Mychal take a trip down fear street going over some of the…

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The Squadcast – Episode 5: Sonic Looks Creepy

For the 5th episode of The Squadcast our Animal of the Week brings us to the desert. The six-banded armadillo isn’t capable of rolling up in a ball, but they still have some super cool traits! All this talk of balled up animals gets Ravmon & Mychal on the topic of the Sonic the Hedgehog…

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The Squadcast – Episode 4: Earth Day Hooray

Our 4th episode of The Squadcast is here, and we’ve got a couple big holidays to celebrate! Our Animal of the Week for this episode is the Flemish Giant Rabbit, just in time to connect with Easter. Everyone loves a visit from the bunny rabbit, and these rabbits are the BIGGEST bunnies you can find!…

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animal of the week american flamingo

A leg up on the competition – The American Flamingo

For all you Vegas party animals, recognizing a flamingo comes easy. They have them on display in that one casino and hotel…you know, the Flamingo!! The awesome part is that they actually have a flamingo exhibit at the Flamingo Casino! But, you don’t have to frequent Las Vegas to be able to recognize flamingos. In…

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The Squadcast – Episode 3: The Tail of the Killer Whale

Episode 3, yipee! This time our Animal of the Week is a stone cold killer…killer whale that is! There’s still so much we have to learn about these apex predators, but Ravmon & Mychal are ready to scrape the surface! Eventually we take a trip down memory lane to those childhood days of catching frogs…

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Animal of the week duck billed platypus

Nature’s wackiest creation – the Duck Billed Platypus!

Duck-billed platypus are well known for their complete and utter weirdness. So many people are confused on what a Duck-billed platypus actually is, and the majority of people even think it is some type of myth. However, this funny looking mammal is not a myth at all! It is very much alive and can be…

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