Old dog name tag in shape of bone, red, with name Stella Memento to remember deceased pet, isolated on white

Does My Pet Know Its Name?

Great question, defenders! Humans have names that we identify with and others use to identify us. Although many animals are capable of determining differences between people and other animals, it’s not certain they do so with a name. However, that hasn’t stopped us from giving our pets adorable names that we use to talk to…

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California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake: The King In The West!

Hey defenders, for this week’s Animal of the Week, we have a very special critter. It’s the fascinating California kingsnake! The California kingsnake is a member of the Lampropeltis genus, which contains about 45 species of kingsnakes and milksnakes. They’re white and black striped snakes that are typically active during the day, but will become…

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recycle crystal earth vector icon

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle That Trash!

What’s up Defenders? Like me, you probably love animals and want them to have healthy habitats on this planet for future generations. Well, it’s time to get serious about waste management. There are almost 8 billion people on this planet! Every day, Americans average 4.5 pounds of trash per person. With over 320 million people…

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 ccb b

Take A Hike!

The days are growing longer, the sun is hotter, the bees are buzzing, and animals of all shapes and sizes, from invertebrates to birds and reptiles, are out in abundance. There’s no doubt about it, winter came and went and now Spring has sprung! This past winter brought a lot of rain and wet weather…

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 a parasistic mite on the back of a honey bee pv

Bees Scare Me! What Can I Do?

Bzzzz! Springtime is really a magical time of year. After a cold and rainy winter, the grass is growing, animals are gathering, and flowers are blooming! With the return of the flowers, comes the return of the pollinators as their habitats flourish. There is no greater pollinator on Earth than the honey bee, but this…

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animal of the week giant flemish rabbit

Stop, Hop, and Flop! It’s the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Hop on over here Defenders, the Flemish Giant Rabbit is our animal of the week! This adorable mammal is a true gentle giant. Like all domestic rabbits, it was initially bred for food and fur over 500 years ago. They have an arched spine that starts curving at the base of their neck. Until recently,…

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Letting Pets Go In The Wild?

Hey defenders, do you own an exotic pet or “wild animal” that you didn’t know how to care for? Are you considering letting this animal go in the wild? If so, you’re not alone. People regularly release pets, particularly exotic animals like birds, reptiles, and certain mammals, into the wild. This happens for many reasons….

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animal of the week road runner

Get Out Your Running Shoes and Catch The Speedy Roadrunner!

Meep meep! Birds are amazing animals. Some are great swimmers like the penguin. Some birds are amazing flyers like the long-distance migrating Snow Goose. But the current Animal of the Week is one heck of a good runner! That’s right Defenders, this week’s animal is the Roadrunner! The greater roadrunner can grow up to two…

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animal of the week tasmanian devil insta

The Tasmanian Devil – A Big Bite In A Little Body

When you think of marsupials, you probably imagine cute and cuddly ones like a baby joey in its mother’s pouch. Or a cuddly koala bear, eating eucalyptus leaves all night. Maybe you think of the daring sugar gliders or the absolute lovable quokka! But this week’s animal of the week is another marsupial, one that…

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pipevine swallowtail animal of the week

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly- Check Out These Guys!

Hey Defenders! We’ve got another stunning invertebrate for our Animal of the Week, and this one is really a looker. Check out the eye-catching Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly! These butterflies start their life as a dark velvety brown or black and bright orange spotted caterpillar. They feed on the poisonous pipevine plants they’re named after.  They…

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