Reptile parties

Be One with Nature with Our Wild Reptile Parties

The natural world is full of exciting and unusual creatures that operate very far from alone norms. If you are interested in reptiles, or have a child who is, then the next birthday party could be a breeze with Critter Squad. Reptiles are a natural source of fascination for many boys and girls growing up seeing TV programs about them or viewing them online. With just a few clicks of the button, your child can watch reptiles across the world, and if their bedroom is full of snake and lizard posters, then our fascinating Reptile parties should be the ideal solution for the kids next birthday.

Reptiles in the House

Your child might never have seen reptiles up close, and this is where Critter Squad is the perfect treat for them. We can bring our reptiles to your house, either as part of a party, or other event. We have specific packages designed to focus upon the reptiles of interest to your child, whether that is turtles or tortoises, snakes or lizards, or you can choose to have a little bit of everything to let your kid experience everything that the reptile world has to offer them.

Reptile parties

Playing With Live Reptiles

We realize that you wouldn’t want your kids to go out to the backyard and pick up random snakes or lizards, so this is why we host parties with our specialist handlers, who are accustomed to showing our creatures to children and adults, and can also give you important information about the reptiles that they are showing you. All of our reptiles are domesticated, which means that they are used to being handled by human beings, and our handlers can help your kids and their guests to touch the creatures and hold them themselves, so they can really experience the feel and movement of these animals.

Exotic and Interesting Events

We are the key to a rate event for both children and adults, and we have been part of many successful Reptile parties in the Los Angeles area. You can get the best party today by calling Critter Squad. Let us bring something exotic and exciting into your home with your reptiles, bugs and a range of other critters especially for your children. To book a party or event today, you can call any member of our team on (818) 654-9433 now.