best reptiles alive birthday parties

Wow Children with Best Reptiles Alive Birthday Parties Programs

You are hosting a big birthday party for your child, with lots of their friends and classmates coming. You want to provide more for the kids than just a simple birthday cake and snacks and would prefer them to do something interesting, educational and fun. Critter Squad has the solution to your needs with the best reptiles alive birthday parties. We can bring in giant lizards, snakes or even a tortoise to show your guests and make them remember your birthday party for years to come.

Something Unusual

By the time your birthday party event rolls around, most of the children at the party will have already been to several celebrations, and think that they know what to expect. You can astonish them with a live animal in your home or garden. We have specific animals, so if your child has an interest in snakes, for example, we can create a package that will interest the kids. On the other hand, if they like animals in general then we can add a variety of different reptiles into our program so that the children can experience the variety of wildlife that we have to offer.

best reptiles alive birthday parties

Touch and Feel With a Party Package

We want to make sure that you know exactly what you are getting when you order a reptile package with us, so it is important to let us know exactly what your child might be interested in, or if there are any add-ons that we can supply. For example, we might be able to offer you printed t-shirts as a memento of the day, or even photo booths so that children can take photographs with the animals, or get snapshots of their favorite critters. All of these events come with an educational package that helps children to learn more about reptiles.

Talk to Us Today To Arrange the Best Reptiles Alive Birthday Parties

When you want to organize the best reptiles alive birthday parties, you need to talk to us as soon as possible. Our critters are ready to go as soon as you have an event, so learn more about our package today. You can find out more information by reading more pages of our blog or send us a message online, or by calling us at (818) 654-9433. We can discuss your needs and interests, and arrange a package which will be suited to your birthday party.