This is Better Than Visiting an Animal and Reptile Park Zoo

Your child has been asking you for weeks to take him or her to the zoo so that they can see all the animals they have there. You do not mind taking them to the zoo since it gives them a chance to learn about and explore many animals that they may have only seen in books or online videos. The problem is that after your zoo visit your child may feel a bit disappointed by the experience. While they get to see animals like lions, tigers, giraffes and elephants, the smaller animals and reptiles they have a real interest in are tougher to see in a big zoo environment. Luckily, you can offer them a special experience that is better than visiting an animal and reptile park zoo when you contact us at Critter Squad.

This is Better Than Visiting an Animal and Reptile Park Zoo

The Zoo Park Atmosphere

Going to one of the large zoos is fun, but it certainly has its drawbacks, especially if there are smaller animals you are really hoping to see up close. When you got to the zoo, you know there are going to be thousands of others at the zoo with you, and this can make it difficult, especially for a small child, to see the animals they want up close. Sometimes you can get nowhere near a tank or cage because of the crowds, causing you to miss out. Even when you do get up close, you may have a hard time spotting one reptile you want to see in a crowded, dark tank.

A More Personal Experience

At Critter Squad, we can provide your child with a more personalized experience than what they get at the typical animal and reptile park zoo. We can bring our animals and reptiles right to your home so that your child and their friends get a chance to learn about the critters they want to see the most right in front of them. You can choose one of the programs that we offer for birthday party packages or other educational and fun programs so that you get the insects, animals or reptiles your child wants to see the most so that they can learn about them, see them in person and even hold and interact with them.

This is Better Than Visiting an Animal and Reptile Park Zoo

Create the Perfect Party

With our help at Critter Squad, we can create the perfect party for your child that goes far beyond what you will find at the usual animal and reptile park zoo. You can find out more about the programs we offer and the services we provide when you visit our website at You can then give us a call at 818-654-9433 to book a program for the date and time you want so that your child can see the animals they love in a whole new way.