A Better Way to See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

A Better Way to See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

Many of us love to watch different animals and reptiles to see how they act and react in life. It can be exciting to see animals like snakes, lizards, and tortoises, large and small, and watch how they move, how they eat and what they do. Of course, access to computers and the Internet may be the primary way people see thingslike this today, but seeing the action on a computer screen or television screen is nowhere near the same as it is when you get to experience it up close and personal. There is a better way for you to see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles today thanks to us at the Critter Squad.

Better Than Going to the Zoo

You could always go to the nearest zoo to you to get a look at some of the reptiles you or your child is fascinated by. The problem is that when you see animals and reptiles in a zoo, it can often be difficult to see just what they are like. The reptiles may not be particularly active when they are in the zoo environment and may hide in their tanks and cages, so you never get to see them well in the first place. You can spend a long time waiting at a particular tank and still not see anything. The experience we can provide for you at Critter Squad is much better and more interactive.

Get Up Close and Personal

When you make use of our services at Critter Squad, we can bring the exotic reptiles in Los Angeles right to you for your event. We offer several different party and event packages so that you can select the type of reptiles, insects or animals you would like to have at your party. We have experienced educators and handlers come right to your home or other location, provide a fun and interactive presentation and provide everyone with the opportunity to see the reptiles up close and personal and hold them.

Learn More about Our Services

If you are interested in having exotic reptiles in Los Angeles at your event, take the time to learn more about us at Critter Squad so you can see the services we can provide for you. You can find out all of the information you need when you visit our website at www.crittersquad.com, or you can give us a call at 818-654-9433 and speak with a member of our staff to ask questions and make a reservation for your event.