Mobile Zoo

Birthday Reptile Party fully understands your woes when finding the ideal location for your party that is unique and entertaining. Currently, there are so many events planners and venue providers who promise memorable experience and it is increasingly becoming hard to find the best agency to trust. We have advanced our mastery of event planning and brought a simple yet outstanding feature in birthday parties especially for kids. To make birthday parties to be entertaining as well as an educational experience, we have a mobile zoo that has more than 20 species of reptiles. During the party, our staff will explain to you the various characteristics of the animals we have and special features that some posses that will blow your mind.


There are various reptile parties that our company offers, depending on your preferences and also finances, we have developed various options from which our clients can choose from. We are here to ensure that irrespective of the amount of money that you have, you can get a chance to throw a party for your kid. Some of the common parties that we have are:

  • The reptile Invasion- under this option, our firm will constitute around 18 different types of reptiles that we have. This is the most exclusive option that you can get anywhere. Our staff will walk you through the various cages and your child can get a chance to get pictures with the animals. The tour which will last an hour cost $ 270 which is very cheap for the fun you will get.
  • The slither sensation- are you afraid of snakes? This is the best chance you can get to interact with these lovely animals. The slither sensation comprises of snakes only, 10 types of snakes under display, and is an ideal opportunity where you can learn more about snakes. It will only cost you $ 190 and just one hour of your time.
  • Reptile stampede party- this package goes only for $170 and will compromise nine animals for around 45 minutes.
  • Hiss and slide- it is the cheapest package in our firm going for $ 85. We will display the best 6 animals we have and the tour lasts for 30 minutes.

We have many more option that we have and you can book by calling us or visiting website for more information. If you consider yourself creative enough, you can have a customized package that you would like during your party. Our good work has seen us get very encouraging testimonials and even our clients recommending their friends to us.

We always welcome reviews and critics since they help grow and satisfy our customers more.

When it comes to fun, think! It is our duty and obligation to make your birthday party entertaining.