Halloween pumpkin decorations

Win This Year’s Animal Costume Contest!

Hey Defenders!  This year we are having an awesome costume contest for the 2019 Halloween season, but not just any costume contest!  This is a costume contest for your pet!  That’s right defenders, your pet!  Pets totally have the right to enjoy Halloween with us, but not the scary, super intense Halloween, the cute and…

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Halloween Animal Video!

Hey Defenders!  We have a major theme going this month for all of our content and it is HALLOWEEN THEME!  Halloween is so much fun and it seems like every year it gets bigger and bigger.  More people go all out, creating some of the craziest and most exciting Halloween decorated houses then ever before. …

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hallowen  things to do

Things to do in San Fernando Valley This Halloween 2019!

There is always so many things to do on Halloween night and the days leading up to Halloween.  We are always getting calls to make appearances at events during this season, like Halloween carnivals. So we know how many events there are out there and we know choosing can be hard. You can follow our…

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Critter Squad’s Halloween Spooky Specials!!!

This year’s Halloween is right around the corner and we know it is such a popular holiday, so we wanted to do anything we could to get involved.  There are pumpkin patches, carnivals, fall festivals, spooky haunted houses, and of course the spooky specials offered by Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s. We have four amazing spooky…

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American Kestrel

American Kestrel: Fly with me!

In honor of Douglas Jay, this Animal of the Week is a falcon! However you might not know that by name, as this is the American Kestrel. These are the most common falcons found in North America, so many of you defenders might have seen them before. The American Kestrel is also the second smallest…

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Toco Toucan: Big Beautiful Beaks

How’s it going Defenders? This week’s animal is very colorful, and you might recognize as a mascot for some fruity cereal! That’s right, we’ve got the Toco Toucan, a beautiful beaked bird from South America. Known for their exceptionally noticeable beaks, these birds have a fairly average lifespan of 20 years. This is notable as…

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Old dog name tag in shape of bone, red, with name Stella Memento to remember deceased pet, isolated on white

Does My Pet Know Its Name?

Great question, defenders! Humans have names that we identify with and others use to identify us. Although many animals are capable of determining differences between people and other animals, it’s not certain they do so with a name. However, that hasn’t stopped us from giving our pets adorable names that we use to talk to…

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The Squadcast – Episode 12: Giant Specific Octopus

The 12th episode of our podcast has a very SPECIFIC animal of the week! *wink wink*. Our talks bring us to the ocean and marine life, as well as a variety of topics. Ravmon ends up asking the real questions though – “Whatever happened to Robot Jones”? There’s also a discussion on the Pokemon National…

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Asian Tiger Mosquito: Bloody Dangerous!

Are you ready Defenders? This newest Animal of the week is one of the most DANGEROUS on the planet! And guess what…they’re smaller than your hand! That’s right, we’ve got the Asian Tiger Mosquito this week. Just like the Tiger Salamander, these mosquitoes get their name from their stripes. These mosquitoes also have the trait…

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The Squadcast – Episode 11: The GOO Agenda

The 11th episode of The Squadcast brings out the good old Garden Snail! These gastropods might be well known, but have tons of unique traits. Mychal & Ravmon get into all the GOOey details. Of course, being the snail episode, things start off at a slooooow pace!