Asian Tiger Mosquito: Bloody Dangerous!

Are you ready Defenders? This newest Animal of the week is one of the most DANGEROUS on the planet! And guess what…they’re smaller than your hand! That’s right, we’ve got the Asian Tiger Mosquito this week. Just like the Tiger Salamander, these mosquitoes get their name from their stripes. These mosquitoes also have the trait…

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The Squadcast – Episode 11: The GOO Agenda

The 11th episode of The Squadcast brings out the good old Garden Snail! These gastropods might be well known, but have tons of unique traits. Mychal & Ravmon get into all the GOOey details. Of course, being the snail episode, things start off at a slooooow pace!


The Squadcast – Episode 10: The Secret Life of Hyenas

Hooray! This is the tenth installment of The Squadcast, and this one gets a little crazy! Ravmon & Mychal play a guessing game to figure out the animal of the week. Afterwards, they explain some oddly unique facts about this animal. From the subject matter to the animal itself, this episode is full of laughs!…

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California Kingsnake

California Kingsnake: The King In The West!

Hey defenders, for this week’s Animal of the Week, we have a very special critter. It’s the fascinating California kingsnake! The California kingsnake is a member of the Lampropeltis genus, which contains about 45 species of kingsnakes and milksnakes. They’re white and black striped snakes that are typically active during the day, but will become…

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What Do Ducks Eat?

Have you ever been to a park or out camping and seen people feeding the ducks and other birds? This isn’t always a good thing. In fact, many times the people are feeding something that the ducks shouldn’t be eating. Wild species and domestic species of ducks have specific diets and should not be fed…

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The Squadcast – Episode 9: Snakes On A Podcast!

The 9th episode of The Squadcast brings on some live animal guests! Make sure to subscribe to The Squadcast’s Youtube channel to see the video companion to our radio safari. With a ferocious animal of the week (Egyptian Cobra) we end up touching on one of Mychal’s animal fears. This is one episode you definitely…

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Isurus oxyrinchus by mark conlin

Shortfin Mako Shark: Surfs Up!

We’re taking another trip into the deep blue for this Animal of the Week. A well known predator, this aquatic creature is on record as the FASTEST swimming shark! Yet even with their speed, commercial and sport fishing has led this animal to an “Endangered” status on the IUCN red list. The animal in question…

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Animal of the Week California Condor

California Condor: Scavenger of the West

‘There are only two animals on the planet that get to fly with the name condor on their wings. It’s the Andrean Condor and the California Condor.  Both of these birds are found in the Americas, but the California Condor is found mostly in California. This critically endangered bird, who’s range was much bigger in…

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Recycling plant

The Squadcast – Episode 8: Time for Turtles!

The 8th episode of The Squadcast brings us through another awesome holiday – World Turtle Day! It syncs up perfect with the Animal of the Week, the Leatherback Sea Turtle. This leads our hosts to another discussion on the overuse of plastic in society and how this affects ocean life. Ravmon is reminded of a…

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Animal of the Week Giant Pacific Octopus

The Giant Pacific Octopus: An Ocean Giant

Giant Pacific Octopus are fascinating creatures. They are one of the world’s leaders in cryptic camouflage and have tentacles covered in suckers for manipulating the environment and restraining prey. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent animals alive today. Some have even gone so far as to call them aliens from another…

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