A Creative Invite – Reptile Birthday Party Invitations

Children today love the idea of having a theme to their birthday party. For many kids it can be superheroes, princesses, their favorite television character or movie character, cowboys or just about anything else that really sparks their interest. If your child has a great love of animals, and in particular reptiles, you may want…

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Critter Squad’s Weekly Creature Feature! (Blue-Tongued Skink)

The common blue-tongued skink is a member of the genus Tiliqua, which is a group of six species of the largest skinks found throughout Australia and eastern Indonesia. This stubby little lizard makes his home in burrows beneath the ground, with an unusually friendly disposition for a wild reptile. In Australia, the blue-tongued skink is…

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Critter Squad’s Weekly Creature Feature! (Degu)

Native to the forests and woodlands of central Chile, the Degu is a sociable, intelligent, little rodent, who makes his home with his pack in underground burrows. Working as a team in everything from foraging for food to nursing their young, Degus rely on the support from their fellow creatures in order to thrive in…

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