Book Reptile Shows for All Your Events

Book Reptile Shows for All Your Events

Whenever you are hosting any type of event, whether it is at your home or something you are organizing for another group, you want to make sure that you provide quality entertainment for those in attendance. You want people to have a memorable time at your event and be able to recall it fondly because of everything that took place. This means you want to spend some time deciding on just what to offer. There are certain all kinds of standard fallback methods of entertainment like carnival games, rides, bands, DJs and the like, but if you really want to have your event stand out you may want to consider using us at Critter Squad and booking one of our reptile shows for your event.

Great for Birthdays

The shows that we arrange and put on can be the perfect event for any child’s birthday party. Our events can be as large or as small as you need them to be and we can come right to your location with a wide variety of reptiles, insects and other animals. We have a staff of highly experienced educators and handlers that will be there for you to present the animals to the children, discuss each animal and help the children to learn to handle them properly. The children will be amazed as they get to see reptiles like lizards, snakes and turtles up close like never before.

A Fantastic Addition to Other Events

If you are running any type of community event or fundraiser one of our reptile shows can be the perfect addition to your day. Whether you are running a program as part of your school system, a community event, a fundraiser, a carnival, a trade show or some other type of public event, our team can be there for you to run an exciting and fun program so that people can have quality entertainment.

Discuss Your Options

When you want to learn more about one of the reptile shows that we can do for you, take the time to contact us at the Critter Squad by calling 818-654-9433. We will be happy to talk to you about your event, discuss the different options that we have available for programs and make all the necessary arrangements for you so that you can have everything set up for the day of your event. You can get enjoyable and educational entertainment that will be the highlight of your event when you use our services.