Bring the Animal and Reptile Park Zoo to You

There is no doubt that children and adults all love to go to the zoo. The chance to see animals that you may have only seen in books or videos on the Internet is a truly unique opportunity for many people. As great as going to the zoo can be for you and your family there is also something distant about the experience. The animals are kept far from you, and you do not often get to see them up close or while they are doing anything interesting. In fact, many times the animals or reptiles you want to see most may be completely hidden from your view in their tanks or cages. Why not go for a completely different experience the next time? It is time for you to bring the animal and reptile park zoo to you thanks to the Critter Squad.

A Unique Service for You

At Critter Squad, we offer a truly unique service that can be ideal for any type of event, birthday party, community fundraiser or other activity. WE can bring a variety of different insects, birds, reptiles and mammals directly to you so that you can have an interactive experience with some of the most beautiful and exotic creatures we have. We are an educational program that can provide you with quality entertainment that everyone in attendance will love. Our experienced handlers and educators will bring animals to your home or location, talk about each animal, how it lives, eats and interacts, and gives everyone a chance to touch and interact with the animals.

Create a Special Memory

When you make use of our services and hire us to bring an animal and reptile park zoo to you, you get the chance to create a very special memory for everyone in attendance at your party or event. Imagine the look on your child’s face when they get to interact with the snake, lizard, tortoise, bird, insect or mammal that they have always wanted to be up close to and have never had the chance. The event will be something they will never forget and you will be sure to take plenty of pictures of video to record each moment.

Find Out More Today

If you would like to learn more about our animal and reptile park zoo that is available to you, take the time to contact us at the Critter Squad at 818-654-9433. You can also learn more about the different services we can provide by going to our website at Take the time to see what we have to offer so you can arrange for a wonderful, hands-on experience for everyone.