Bunny Party

Bunny Party Decorations You Can Buy

Young girls and boys love rabbits. Bunnies are so fluffy and cuddly with soft fur that children seem to find them irresistible. That is one why having a bunny themed birthday party for a young child is so popular all of the time. It produces a day of fun that the child loves and it gives you a chance to flex your imagination when it comes time to decorate for the party. Whether you are having a party with just a few family members or guests or are having a larger party with lots of kids, there are some great bunny party decorations that you can but that can help make the party a hit with everyone.

Decorate the Table

The birthday table may be the focus of the big day so you want to make sure everything about this area of the party follows the bunny theme nicely. This means not only getting the right napkins, plates, tablecloths and cutlery for the party but you can also think of other things you can do for table decorations that are bunny-related. Think of springtime items or even a farm atmosphere where you can decorate the windows to look like barn doors, make use of lots of flowers and greenery or even have the party outdoors if you can.

Bunny Food

No bunny party is complete without having bunny food as part of the décor. You can have a bunny cake or make cupcakes decorated with pastel frosting and bunny designs, make bunny shaped cookies or make use of carrots or carrot shapes in a number of different foods. You can have baby carrots, make carrot shaped holders for things like popcorn or crackers or get jelly beans that are green and orange and package them in carrot shapes.

Bunny Party

Bunny Wear

Another great idea is to give the kids a chance to look like a bunny for the party. You can get rabbit ears for the kids to wear, take some cotton balls and create bunny tails for each child or even do some kind of face painting so everyone can have a bunny nose and whiskers if they like.

You will find there are all kinds of great options for you to explore for decorations that follow the rabbit theme. Check out your local party store or shop online and read up on some different ideas so you can do everything to create the best bunny party you can.