Exotic Reptiles

Where Can You See Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles Up Close?

If your child is one that has a great interest in reptiles, you probably spend a lot of time combing through toy stores, bookstores and places on the Internet to find all kinds of reptile-related items for him or her. You have probably watched movies, television shows, and videos on the Internet as well so that they can see their favorite creatures and learn about them. What you really wish for is the chance for them to see the reptiles they love up close and personal. Exotic reptiles are not those you will come across in the wild every day, and it can be a unique chance to see one, so where can you go to see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles up close? We have the answer for you.

Go Beyond the Typical Zoo

Will you find exotic reptiles in your local area zoo? More than likely, the zoo will have a wide selection of reptiles for you and your family to view. The problem is that the zoo experience does not provide one that is truly up close and personal. The reptiles are in tanks behind glass, the rooms are usually quite dark where the reptiles are, and the reptiles can be difficult to see as they camouflage in their surroundings. This experience may be a bit disappointing to your child because they never get the chance to see the reptiles they want to look at the most.

We Can Make it Different

If you want to see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles up close, then you want to call us at the Critter Squad. We provide a unique, educational and interactive experience for you, your family and anyone else in attendance. We offer a variety of programs where we can bring reptiles, birds, insects and mammals right to your home and present them to you in an educational and fun format. Our handlers are very experienced, and all of our animals are accustomed to regular handling, allowing you to have an experience like no other where you can touch and interact with exotic species.

A Spectacular Memory Awaits

If you would like to see our exotic reptiles in Los Angeles up close, all you need to do is give us a call at Critter Squad at 818-654-9433. You can arrange for a party or show right at your home and choose from among the different programs we can provide for you. You can create an unbelievable memory for your child and give them the chance to see the amazing reptiles they are fascinated by when you hire us for your event.