Most Diverse Animal Parties In Los Angeles!

Critter Squad, aka the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders is an exotic animal and conservation outreach program located in the San Fernando Valley, just outside the city of Los Angeles.  Our facility houses over 115 individual animals and over 60 species of animals.  Except for some rare occasions, the majority of animals at Critter Squad are…

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Indian Elephant aotw

Learn About Snakes And Elephants!

Hey Defenders! Thank you for visiting our educational website.  We have been building our learning center called the Kids Zone and we have numerous resources for kids excited to learn and educators eager to teach.  We are working on new activities and educational material regularly, along with developing educational videos to watch in school.  Every…

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Southern California Snake Parties!

Hello to all our Southern California Snake Loving Defenders! Spring is coming and its a great time to start thinking about those snake parties for the upcoming birthday parties. Snakes are one of the most commonly misunderstood animals and they continue to fascinate the minds of everyone they encounter.  Our scaly serpents are common sights…

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Volunteers Needed!

Hey Defenders!  We constantly have people messaging us about volunteering here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders headquarters and we love all the help and support we can get.   We have lots of exciting things you can do to help volunteer and you will gain amazing skills at the same time.  We take pride in our…

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Kobe Bryant

Loss Of Kobe Bryant

This blog was started by myself on Sunday, 1.26.2020, but I was quickly derailed by some of the worst news Los Angeles has ever received.  The original blog was going to be about 5 cute and cuddly animals that you can see in one of Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders birthday parties. I was soo happy…

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3 Reasons To Have A Reptile Store Party

If you haven’t heard yet, the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders has teamed up with the Painted Reptile to do all of our amazing animal birthday parties and classes inside their awesome location. The Painted Reptile is located in Tarzana, Ca and they have a very unique and private location that is great for hosting quick,…

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End Of The Year Thank You!

Hey Defenders!  The end of the year is coming up and its pretty surreal to think that we are heading into a new decade. 2020 seems new, exciting and to be honest, it sounds rather futuristic right? We are so excited to start a New Year. We have many things in the works for 2020,…

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Halloween pumpkin decorations

Win This Year’s Animal Costume Contest!

Hey Defenders!  This year we are having an awesome costume contest for the 2019 Halloween season, but not just any costume contest!  This is a costume contest for your pet!  That’s right defenders, your pet!  Pets totally have the right to enjoy Halloween with us, but not the scary, super intense Halloween, the cute and…

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Halloween Animal Video!

Hey Defenders!  We have a major theme going this month for all of our content and it is HALLOWEEN THEME!  Halloween is so much fun and it seems like every year it gets bigger and bigger.  More people go all out, creating some of the craziest and most exciting Halloween decorated houses then ever before. …

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