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Animal Videos for Kids!

Hey Defenders! Do your kids love animals?  Are they constantly watching animal videos and looking at animal related content online? If you haven’t heard yet, Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders has an awesome new YouTube show geared towards learning about animals! Our friendly YouTube channel has videos that will keep your animal lover entertained for hours….

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exotic birthday party ideas

Book Excitement and Exotic Treats with a Reptile Kids’ Party

It can be hard to find a suitable birthday party event for your kid that hasn’t already been done. Things which were really exciting yesterday are now boring and old-fashioned, and if you are trying to find something interesting for your children then you may need to think outside of traditional children’s parties. They don’t…

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Arach Attack!

Spiders are a source of fear and revulsion for many people. There is something about all those legs and all those eyes that just rubs people the wrong way. Very few spiders hold up to their supposedly deadly reputations, especially tarantulas. With their great size and hirsute appearance the rose hair tarantula seems to be…

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Quiz Yourself On Your Animal Skills!

Hey Defenders! Are you an animal expert in your class? Do you love animals and want to know as much as you can? Are you just starting to gain interest in animals and want to learn more?   Well the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Kids Zone has tons of animals quizzes that are great for…

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The Hissing Cockroaches of Madagascar

Cockroaches gross people out. They live in sewers, dumpsters, and other filthy environs. We associated them with all things unclean. However, not all cockroaches are pests. Indeed, most are benign and some have evolved some unique adaptations in their race to survive. One of those species is the Madagascar hissing cockroach. How big are Madagascar…

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