Animal of the week duck billed platypus

Nature’s wackiest creation – the Duck Billed Platypus!

Duck-billed platypus are well known for their complete and utter weirdness. So many people are confused on what a Duck-billed platypus actually is, and the majority of people even think it is some type of myth. However, this funny looking mammal is not a myth at all! It is very much alive and can be…

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Reduce Plastic Use and Conserve Water- Quick and Affordable Ways!

Hey Defenders! Unless you have been hiding under a rock, then you have heard all about the devastating things happening to our planet! There is a massive movement to do anything possible to help save the planet. Conserving water and working to reduce your plastic use  are serious topics and something everyone can do to…

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The Squadcast – Episode 1: Fun with Ferrets

Hey Defenders! Thanks for tuning in to The Squad Cast! The fun and informative podcast brought to you by Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders!    Join our hosts Ravmon and Mychal on our weekly radio safari – to learn all about our planet’s animals. You will meet and learn about animals from our facility, touch on…

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animal of the week six banded armadillo

Rock & Roll with the Six-Banded Armadillo!

This week our animal is a unique little mammal that comes with its own protection similar to a turtle or tortoise. It’s the good old six-banded armadillo, an omnivore that is well populated in South America. Specifically you can find these armadillos in Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Armadillos are in the superorder “Xenartha”, a group…

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Reptile Party Ideas

There are a lot of great ways to host an awesome reptile party. We are talking about going all out! That means painting the outside of the house with scales, mascots in lizard suits who are hanging out waving and taking pictures with your guests, and all the kids having full blown reptile body painting…

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animal of the week giant flemish rabbit

Stop, Hop, and Flop! It’s the Flemish Giant Rabbit

Hop on over here Defenders, the Flemish Giant Rabbit is our animal of the week! This adorable mammal is a true gentle giant. Like all domestic rabbits, it was initially bred for food and fur over 500 years ago. They have an arched spine that starts curving at the base of their neck. Until recently,…

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Animal of the week killer whale

O R C A – The Tale of the Killer Whale

Greetings from the deep blue, Defenders! Our current Animal of the Week is a pretty well known animal, found all across the world! Since our planet is primarily covered in oceans that means we’ve got a marine animal this time. It’s none other than the Killer Whale, also known as the Orca! Orcas are in…

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Letting Pets Go In The Wild?

Hey defenders, do you own an exotic pet or “wild animal” that you didn’t know how to care for? Are you considering letting this animal go in the wild? If so, you’re not alone. People regularly release pets, particularly exotic animals like birds, reptiles, and certain mammals, into the wild. This happens for many reasons….

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Reptile Show- Who Is The Most Diverse?

Lately, reptile shows and reptiles parties have increased in popularity.  It is very easy for people to purchase dozens of reptiles and call themselves a reptile party company. Lack of experience can be awkward and dangerous when it comes time to plan and host the reptiles at your house. Sometimes there is worry that maybe…

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animal of the week road runner

Get Out Your Running Shoes and Catch The Speedy Roadrunner!

Meep meep! Birds are amazing animals. Some are great swimmers like the penguin. Some birds are amazing flyers like the long-distance migrating Snow Goose. But the current Animal of the Week is one heck of a good runner! That’s right Defenders, this week’s animal is the Roadrunner! The greater roadrunner can grow up to two…

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