animal of the week tasmanian devil insta

The Tasmanian Devil – A Big Bite In A Little Body

When you think of marsupials, you probably imagine cute and cuddly ones like a baby joey in its mother’s pouch. Or a cuddly koala bear, eating eucalyptus leaves all night. Maybe you think of the daring sugar gliders or the absolute lovable quokka! But this week’s animal of the week is another marsupial, one that…

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rhode island chicken

Rhode Island Red Chicken! Howl for the fowls!

Our current Animal of the Week is a well known bird, the Rhode Island Red Chicken! Chickens are in the bird family, and specifically they are grouped with other birds like turkeys, pheasants, ducks, and more, to make the “Fowl” group. In the lat 19th century, this breed of chicken was developed in Rhode Island…

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pipevine swallowtail animal of the week

Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly- Check Out These Guys!

Hey Defenders! We’ve got another stunning invertebrate for our Animal of the Week, and this one is really a looker. Check out the eye-catching Pipevine Swallowtail Butterfly! These butterflies start their life as a dark velvety brown or black and bright orange spotted caterpillar. They feed on the poisonous pipevine plants they’re named after.  They…

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California mantis animal of the week

Going Back to Cali! The California Mantis

This week we’ve got someone a little creepy crawly for our Animal of the Week…it’s the California Mantis! These awesome invertebrates are part of the Mantid family, just like the praying mantis. Like their name suggests, these insects are found in the wild in the United States. Generally they are found in the drier/warmer areas…

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polar bear animal of the week

Polar Bears! The Almighty Arctic Ambassador!

Greetings Defenders! We’ve got another apex predator for our Animal of the Week, and this one loves it nice and cold. That’s right, it’s the classic Polar Bear! One of the largest species of bear on the planet, the Polar Bear is a hypercarnivore. Adult males are known as “boars” while females are known as…

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Grey Wolf! Who’s Afraid of the Big Grey Wolf?

We’ve got another iconic Animal of the Week, and this time it’s the great Grey Wolf! The Grey/Gray Wolf, also known as the Timber Wolf, is the largest living wolf species on the planet. These amazing animals can have fur ranging from red and brown, to nearly pure white or black. The diet of a…

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Hungry As A Hippo!

Feeling hungry? Well no matter how hungry you are, you won’t be able to eat more than our newest Animal of the Week! These glorious mammals are known as the 3rd largest animal on land, and actually the most dangerous animal in their native Africa. If you haven’t already guessed, it’s the Hippopotamus! Hippos are…

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animal word search banner

Try An Animal Word Search Puzzle!

Hey Defenders! Anyone who has been to elementary school has probably heard of word searches. Word searches are a fun puzzle for children and adults to work on that come in a variety of categories and range from easy to hard. Word Searches were first invented in the United States on March 1st, 1968 in…

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quik scorpion anatomy banner

Check Out These Scorpion Features

Hey Defenders!  Everyone is familiar with scorpions. These iconic creatures are well known for their pincers and their powerful tails and stingers. Scorpions are arachnids and have a crunchy outside called an exoskeleton. These exoskeletons help keep the scorpion rigid and gives them structure. Since scorpions don’t have bones like other organisms we call them…

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Watch Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders on YouTube!

  Hey Defenders. Don’t forget we have an awesome animal YouTube channel with some pretty cool videos to watch!   We have our normal C.S.W.D T.V. episodes, Zoo Clipz and Wild Clipz. We are constantly shooting content and uploading episodes. We have tons of great animal footage coming out on a regular basis.  Our most current…

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