european brown bear

Hello there! It’s the Brown Bear!

Our next Animal of the Week is a pretty common one that most defenders should be aware of…maybe you’ve seen a version of this guy in the Jungle Book, or Yogi Bear….well you guessed it, it’s the Brown Bear! Bears are some pretty awesome animals – most are omnivores and eat a mixed diet of…

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 edf b

The Classic Femme Fatale…or is it?!?

Get ready Defenders…our current Animal of the Week often gets a bad rap for being a MANEATING MURDERER!!! That’s right – it’s the ever elusive Black Widow! Known for their highly potent venom, and for killing their mates after reproducing, the real truth is most black widows aren’t as intense as the hype makes them…

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Towering tusks and trunks – The Asian Elephant!

Long magnificent trunks, beautiful ivory tusks, and those big ol’ flappy ears! That’s right Defenders, our newest Animal of the Week is none other than the Asian Elephant! Elephants are known as a “keystone species”, meaning they have a very large effect on their environment, with their impact changing the types of species and their…

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px Kbnpsilverbackandchild

Get Low with the Eastern Lowland Gorilla!

King Kong’s got nothing on our newest Animal of the Week…it’s the Eastern Lowland Gorilla! Gorillas have always been a fan favorite animal, boasting many unique traits. They are highly intelligent, big and beautiful, and some of the strongest animals on the planet. What many people often leave out though, is that all gorilla species…

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Cebus capucinus, Costa Rica

Capuchin Monkey- The smartest monkey on the planet?!?

Often known as the organ-grinder monkey, and fairly famous in North American media, our Animal of the Week is none other than the White-Headed Capuchin Monkey! These seriously are some of the most intelligent monkeys on the planet, and have become famous for their roles in movies, and put to use as assistants for the…

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 bee b

Monitor this lizard! The wild Nile!

Here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders, we are definitely big reptile fans, so we’ve got another awesome monitor lizard as our Animal of the Week! This one is the Nile Monitor, found across Africa, although in the western regions there is a different subspecies – the West African Nile Monitor. These monitor lizards gain their…

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 ca z

A rodent the size of a dog?!? Yup, it’s Capybara time!

You read that title correctly, Defenders – this animal of the week is a rodent bigger than any you’ve ever seen! While many shriek at the size of New York City rats, and others believe the beaver to be the world’s largest rodent, that title actually belongs to none other than the Capybara. What exactly…

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Two toed Sloth  ()

Don’t sleep on the Two-Toed Sloth!

Sloths are truly some of the most unique creatures we have in the animal kingdom. These interesting mammals are in the order known as Pilosa, which includes sloths and anteaters. Known for being extremely slow and spending most of their time upside down, these creatures truly do have a low metabolism, and are very deliberate…

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