Cebus capucinus, Costa Rica

Capuchin Monkey- The smartest monkey on the planet?!?

Often known as the organ-grinder monkey, and fairly famous in North American media, our Animal of the Week is none other than the White-Headed Capuchin Monkey! These seriously are some of the most intelligent monkeys on the planet, and have become famous for their roles in movies, and put to use as assistants for the…

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 bee b

Monitor this lizard! The wild Nile!

Here at Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders, we are definitely big reptile fans, so we’ve got another awesome monitor lizard as our Animal of the Week! This one is the Nile Monitor, found across Africa, although in the western regions there is a different subspecies – the West African Nile Monitor. These monitor lizards gain their…

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 ca z

A rodent the size of a dog?!? Yup, it’s Capybara time!

You read that title correctly, Defenders – this animal of the week is a rodent bigger than any you’ve ever seen! While many shriek at the size of New York City rats, and others believe the beaver to be the world’s largest rodent, that title actually belongs to none other than the Capybara. What exactly…

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Two toed Sloth  ()

Don’t sleep on the Two-Toed Sloth!

Sloths are truly some of the most unique creatures we have in the animal kingdom. These interesting mammals are in the order known as Pilosa, which includes sloths and anteaters. Known for being extremely slow and spending most of their time upside down, these creatures truly do have a low metabolism, and are very deliberate…

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Keep Your Kids Entertained at the Restaurant!

Nowadays, parents are constantly relying on tablets and phones to keep kids entertained when out at restaurants. We all know that young kids have trouble sitting still and have short attention spans. Sitting at that table too long can become miserable for a little one, even when they have access to the SUPER exciting coloring…

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Argus Monitor

Arggg Matey, let’s talk all about the Argus Monitor!

Most people know of the Komodo Dragon, the king of all lizards, and one of the most vicious predators on the planet. But what many people don’t know is that there is a whole family of lizards similar in style to the Komodo Dragon – these are the monitor lizards! These lizards often have strong…

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