Halloween Animal Video!

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Hey Defenders!  We have a major theme going this month for all of our content and it is HALLOWEEN THEME!  Halloween is so much fun and it seems like every year it gets bigger and bigger.  More people go all out, creating some of the craziest and most exciting Halloween decorated houses then ever before.  Even zoos are now going all out for Halloween and decorating the common areas with amazing Halloween decorations.

This year we have some exciting Critter Squad photo shoots coming up that are going to be fun and spooky.  The cockroaches, tarantulas and scorpions are all stopping by to join us.  If you want to see the photos and animals that come to Critter Squad Wildlife Defender’s Halloween photo shoot then you can follow our social media pages to view  them as we post them.

Head over to our YouTube Channel where we will be posting some other Halloween themed videos.  Meanwhile you can check out this video of one of our educators doing a video on the Creepiest Crawlies to honor the 2019 spooky season.  In this video you will see some awesome features of the Rose Hair Tarantula, Earthworms, Scorpion, Giant African Millipede and a Flat Rock Scorpion.  And trust me, the part where the scorpion is glowing in the dark is super wicked!  Be sure to check out the video defenders and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.