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Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders Classroom Defender Packages

Hey Defenders! Thank you for coming to our classroom defender package area. Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders were doing classroom presentations well before our popular birthday parties. Our Critter Squad Wildlife Defender educator arrives to your school with some unforgettable animals to give your class the experience of a lifetime. We can tailor your classroom defender package to multiple themes to make sure you get all the fun and information you are looking for from our classroom defender packages.

Check out all of our classroom defender packages below.


Menu Breakdown

Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders classroom package area is a 4 tier menu. It contains:

  • Main options
  • Ways to combine main options
  • Themes you want your defender event to be in
  • Defender add-ons
  • Please review our menu below and be sure to call our main office at 818-654-9433 if you have any questions.

Classroom Defender Packages

Presentation Defender Package ($310.00 (plus travel)

  • 1 hour
  • Choose your theme
  • 9 animals
  • Price includes 30 defenders ($3.00 per kid fee above 30 kids)
  • Themed educational talks during meet and greets
  • Defenders will pet and touch almost all animals ambassadors
  • Defenders will enjoy natural movements, experience beautiful colors, explore unique body textures, and create wonderful memories with our amazing animal ambassadors


Combining Classroom Defender Packages

Some school customers look at our classroom defender packages above and say “that’s not enough for what we want to do. How can we do more?” Well, Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders has set up a few ways for you to combine the two main options in the “combining options” section of our classroom defender menu. Below you can see all the different options we have for combining options. Remember we do create quotes for any defender event, so call in to our main office if you do not see what you are looking for.

1 and 1 Defender Package ($600.00 plus travel)

  • Two 1-hour Presentation Packages
  • Price includes 30 defenders ($3.00 per kid fee above 30 kids)
  • Choose your theme

30/30 Defender Package $295.00 (plus travel)

  • Two 30-minute Presentation Packages
  • 6 animals included
  • Price includes 30 defenders ($3.00 per kid fee above 30 kids)
  • Choose your theme

Choose Your Theme

The classroom themes below are the various styles you can have for your classroom defender package! Did you want a mixture of animals? Maybe all reptiles? Maybe it’s rainforest week and you are hoping to meet animals that come from the rainforest? Whatever it is, Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders can probably help.

  • Mixed
  • Reptiles
  • Cute and Cuddly
  • Lizards
  • Mammals
  • Domestic Animals
  • Nocturnal
  • Birds (Presentation only)
  • Turtles/Tortoises
  • Insects
  • Rain forest
  • Desert
  • Tiny Animals
  • Burrow Dwellers

Classroom Add-Ons

Here are some final ways for you to spice up your classroom defender presentation. Taken from some of our most popular defender party add-ons, you are able to go one step further and make sure your defenders have an unforgettable experience.

ADD 3 Related Animal Ambassadors

  • $75
  • (Limitations on themes apply)

ADD 3 NON-Related Animal Ambassadors

  • $55

ADD Extra Defender Time

  • Extra 15 minutes ($40)
  • Extra 30 minutes ($65)
  • Extra 60 minutes ($120)

ADD Special Guest Animal ($45 Each)

  • “Jade” — Blue and Gold Macaw
  • “Goliath” — Giant Spurred Tortoise
  • “Big Worm” — 15 foot Burmese Python
  • “Sonic”— African Pygmy Hedgehog
  • “Penny”– Micro Mini Pig
  • “Mrs. Piggy”– African Bull Frog

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