create the perfect kid's reptile party

Creating the Perfect Kids Reptile Party

Once you decide on a theme to have for your child’s next birthday party, you want to put your efforts into making that theme come to life so that everyone at the party feels the theme from start to finish. Of course, some themes may be easier to work with than others, and when your child wants a superhero or princess party, there are plenty of ideas that you can work with. It gets more challenging when your child wants his or her party centered on reptiles. You might have to do a little bit of homework and legwork, but you can create the perfect kid’s reptile party with some imagination and some help from us at Critter Squad.

Creating the Mood

The best way to set a theme for a party is to make sure you do all you can to set the right mood and atmosphere. You have several options you can work with here, and if you are holding the party outdoors, you will have a bit more flexibility with what you can do. You can set up a rainforest theme, jungle theme or even a desert theme outside, making use of your backyard or location to create the mood. Use the trees you have, a sandbox or play area in the backyard or anything like that that you can set up as your area for the “explorers” to find things or play. You can make use of other decorations and designs you can find and the right music, and you can have your jungle or desert.

Bring the Reptiles in

Naturally, if you want to create the perfect kid’s reptile party, you are going to need to have some reptiles present. This is where we can come in at Critter Squad. We can bring a variety of reptiles right to your location so that the kids can see the reptiles they love the most. We offer packages for snakes, turtles, tortoises, lizards and more so that you can have everything you want on-site for a fun and educational program for the kids that focuses on reptiles.

Get Party Tips

If you need some help creating the perfect kid’s reptile party, give us a call here at Critter Squad, and we will be happy to help you out. You can find out about our party packages and reptile parties when you give us a call at 818-654-9433, and we can help you to book one of our packages for your party so you can take your reptile party for your child to the next level.