Creature Feature! African Pygmy Hedgehog

While he may be super cute, the African Pygmy Hedgehog is not the most cuddly of mammals. Their spined, spiky coat is the only defensive mechanism this little animal can use against a predator. Found in sub-Saharan Africa, among much larger animals, the hedgehog’s thorned coat comes in handy. Solitary and nocturnal, these little guys can cover miles in a single night foraging for food. They have a high tolerance for toxins, and have been seen consuming toxic plants, poisonous frogs, and even scorpions!


Sonic, Critter Squad’s hedgehog

Tiny and oval shaped, the hedgehog will reach up to 8 inches at most. They range from light to tan, with soft, white fur on their bellies. Their pointed snout assists them while they hunt for insects. Due to their poor vision, hedgehogs rely heavily on smell, hearing, and touch while searching for food. They are opportunistic omivores, eating anything from insects to small snakes. When confronted by a predator, they will curl into a ball, protecting their head and belly, and even hiss and jump to ward off the animal.

The hedgehog has a unique behavior called “self-anoiting”. When introduced to a new scent or taste, they will begin producing a frothy saliva, which they then begin to spread over their entire body in a series of twitches and contortions. Scientists still have not determined whether the hedgehog self-anoits in self defense or prior to mate selection.


Quiet, happy animals, hedgehogs make good pets and companions. If only they were legal to own in California! (Critter Squad is permitted to own all of our unique mammals, like the kinkajouvirginia opossum, and sugar gliders) Interested in meeting Sonic and the rest of our amazing mammals? Contact us today and check out the awesome party packages we have to offer!