Creature Feature! The Black Throat Monitor

Part of the monitor lizard family, (best known for the komodo dragon), the Black Throat Monitor Lizard is easy to tell apart with its blunt snout that gives it a unique appearance among its other monitor lizard cousins. Native to many dry habitats and savannahs all over the continent of Africa, the Black Throat is the heaviest monitor lizard in Africa and can easily get up to 18 pounds!


Like all monitor lizards, the black throat monitor has a Jacobson organ, that allows it to smell using its tongue like a snake or tegu!  An opportunistic carnivore, in the wild they will literally eat anything they can catch including other monitor lizards! In captivity, they have been known to eat anything from hot dogs to cat food, even though this is not considered an ideal diet for them.

Tapanuli Orangutan

While many monitor lizards such as the Nile monitor can be found in water, the Black Throat Monitor prefers to stay on land. When threatened it can claw, bite and even use its tail as a bullwhip, hitting incredibly hard!

One of the smartest lizards, a study in 1999 showed that they are even capable of counting, with the monitor lizards being feed six snails on a regular basis, and knowing when they were being feed less! Many monitors in captivity have been shown to recognize their keepers/owners and have distinct personalities!


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