Critter Squad Kids' Zone

Critter Squad Kids’ Zone – Online Animal Fun For All!

Hey Defenders!  Are you guys looking for an exciting environment where children of all ages can learn about animals? Well, the Critter Squad Wildlife Defenders have a brand new Kids’ Zone that is great for children to read and learn about our entire animal kingdom!


If you really love animals then you can head straight to the animal kingdom tile where there is endless information about animal! The animal kingdom learning center has tiles for animals all over the world, and covers the entire animal kingdom. These animal kingdom kids zone tiles break down the animal world in a fun and easy way that is great for learning and absorbing facts. You can learn about reptiles, amphibians, insects, mammals, birds and even things like deep sea creatures as well as microscopic life! As you click through the animal centers, your child will see tiles leading to all kinds of fun activities, such as coloring pages, animal quizzes, and polls!  The kids zone will keep your animal loving child entertained for days and we are constantly creating new animal content, so check back everyday to find something new!


What else does the kids zone offer?!?


Once your child is done learning and reading in the animal kingdom section of the kids zone, they can head on over to the games and activities center of the kids zone, where they can watch cool videos, download all the coloring pages, find out about local events and even learn about special activities they can do at home. Animal quizzes are one of our most popular features of the kids zone, and we have great animal quizzes your child can do alone or with friends and family. These quizzes are a great way to make learning fun and new, and test your animal knowledge after reading our fact sheets! The kids zone has quizzes on penguins, cheetahs, jellyfish and even prehistoric animals! If your child has done all the animal quizzes, do not forget to print out all your favorite coloring pages!  You can even print out coloring pages to share with your school classroom or your relatives!


There is so much more for your child to do in the kids zone! Be sure to head on over and check us out.  If you like watching videos and you want you continue learning about animals – you can check out our Youtube channel for Critter Squad episodes, Wild and Zoo Clips, and tons more awesome content!