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Critter Squad | Reptile Shows for Birthday Parties

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Don’t you hate it that when you take your kids to the zoo that they can’t actually touch any of the animals? I mean, common, some of them are so fuzzy and cute looking! Feeling the scaly skin and fuzzy fur is almost half the fun of being introduced to new and different kinds of animals. Now, with Critter Squad, all of your children’s dreams come true. By hiring Critter Squad’s reptile shows for birthday parties, you’ll give your kids the opportunity to be thrilled while touching, petting and feeding a number of exciting animals and reptiles while also learning valuable information about them at the same time! Let your children enjoy the beauty of some of nature’s most interesting animals’ right in your own backyard with our reptile shows for birthday parties!

Reptile Shows for Reptile Themed Birthday Parties

Renting a reptile show for birthday parties is a great way to provide fun, safe and exciting activities to the kids at your house. Whether you want a more traditional traveling petting zoo with lambs, goats, pigs and bunnies to come to your home, or you’d prefer a more exotic reptile show with snakes and lizards Critter Squad can help make all of your birthday boy or girl’s birthday dreams come true!


Things to Consider before Renting Birthday Party Reptile Shows

We’ve put together the following collection of things that you might want to think about regarding renting our reptile shows for birthday parties. First, do you know exactly what kind of animals that you would like to have provided? You can check out list of available pets and birthday party packages all on our website to make sure that we have the animals that your kids want to pet. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re in the Greater Los Angeles, area. At Critter Squad we offer animal themed birthday packages to anywhere in the Greater Los Angeles area but are based specifically out of Tarzana, CA.

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Contact Critter Squad for Birthday Party Reptile Shows

If you have questions regarding our services or are interested in booking one of our reptile shows for your child’s birthday party, don’t hesitate, and contact us today! We look forward to making you kid the happiest kid on the block by providing the coolest reptiles that they’ve ever seen for their birthday party! Contact us at 818.654.9433.