Critter Squad’s Friday Creature Feature (African Bullfrog)


Also known as the Pixie Frog due to its scientific name (Pyxicephalus Adapersus) the African Bullfrog is the 2nd largest species of frog in the world. When full grown, an African Bullfrog can get up to four pounds and grow to be as large as a dinner plate. That’s bigger than your head!

Despite their tendency to grow to humongous proportions, African Bullfrogs are amphibians, which means they start off their life as tiny tadpoles with gills and fins. As they get older, African Bullfrogs under go a metamorphosis which causes them to loose their tail and grow legs and lungs. While people often associate amphibians with reptiles, it’s important to know that, amphibians are a unique group of animals, no more related to reptiles than you are!

As the African Bullfrog grows, so does its appetite. These frogs are gluttonous animals and will eat anything they can fit into their mouths. In the wild, they’ve been known to eat birds, lizards, mice and even other frogs!


As the name implies, the African Bullfrog can be found all over  the grass lands of Southern Africa. Due to the hot and dry climate, these frogs will often burrow deep into the soil and wait until the rainy season to emerge, sometimes as long as a year! Much like anyone who enjoys a good nap, the African Bullfrog brings a blanket along, but this is a very special blanket made out of dead skin cells and the frog’s spit!


Interested in meeting one of our African Bullfrogs in person? Contact us to book an Animal Invasion Party, and consider adding Jabba, our full grown African Bullfrog as a party-add on!