Critter Squad’s Friday Creature Feature! (Vinegaroon)


Despite its insect like appearance, the vinegaroon is a member of the arachnid family, making it a closer relative of the spider and scorpion than of a beetle or ant. Like all arachnids, the vinegaroon has eight legs, six of them used for walking with the front two used like antennas to sense their surroundings! This is important because the vinegaroon has poor eyesight and is nocturnal , often living in humid dark places, such as under old rotting wood, rocks and other natural debris.

Like all Aracnhids, the vinegaroon is a carnivore and will prey on smaller invertebrates . The Vinegaroon attacks it’s prey, crushing their exoskeletons with its pedipalp pinchers. These are not part of their legs, but rather a modified part of the Vinegaroon’s jaw!  While they’ve been known to eat worms, slugs and millipedes, their main food source is crickets and cockroaches, which makes vinegaroons GREAT to have around when it comes to pest control!


Unlike many other arachnids, the vinegaroon is not venomous. However, they have glands in the rear of their abdomen that they use to shoot out a stinky substance when scared or threatened. This spray smells like vinegar, hence the name Vinegaroon! While the notion of being sprayed with a vinegar-like acid might not sound like much of a threat,  if the spray gets into the eyes or mouth of the would- be attacker, it can emit a horrible burn.

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