Critter Squad’s Newsletter Makes it’s Triumphant Return!

Rabbit Rabbit friends! It’s June 1st and Critter Squad is proud to announce the return of its Monthly News Letter! With a huge boom in social media and making our presence as Southern California’s number one outreach program even more widely known (We are still getting calls from out of state!), we’ve decided to bring back our newsletter to reach out to even more people who want Critter Squad for all their Animal Event needs and wants !


So why should you subscribe to The Critter Squad News Letter?

Our newsletter will be full of announcements of all the exciting things going on at Critter Squad! From new parties we are offering, to introductions to the newest members of Critter Squad (Both human and not!), Critter Squad will be keeping you updated with all our antics!

Along with updates, Critter Squad will be linking to our blog posts, answering popular questions and all sorts of tips and tricks to make your party even more memorable! We will even be linking to our Critter Squad Weekly Creature Feature, covering a variety of animals Critter Squad has to offer from vinegaroons to chinchillas. This is your chance to read up on all these amazing animal friends!


If that isn’t enough incentive for you to subscribe to our amazing newsletter,  we also will be offering monthly promo codes on every newsletter offering a discount if you book a party for the month of that newsletter!

Don’t miss out on all the animal fun that Critter Squad has to offer! Subscribe to Critter Squad’s monthly newsletter today!