Donating 5 FREE Shows To Low Income Schools In Los Angeles!

Los Angeles is filled with so many great people and we have such great support from all of our customers and fans, but unfortunately there is a large portion of Los Angeles that is not able to have the animal experiences we offer to other people and organizations.  To make sure that we help those in need we want to give back to the communities and schools that need it the most, so we have decided to donate 5 completely FREE animal events to low income schools.  We need help from our fans and followers to help us nominate any schools before the end date of Feb 15th, 2020!  Any schools that are nominated and qualified as low income schools will be offered a fully free animal educational show, with all the bells and whistles and the traveling fees included.

Please contact our main office or email us your nominations before Feb 15th, so we can get this show on the road.  If more then 5 schools are nominated, we will choose the 5 schools from a raffle system and if less then 5 schools are nominated we will continue offering the donations.

Don’t forget that low income schools will not get a chance to hear about this deal, so please help us spread the word and notify any schools or school representatives you can.