End Of The Year Thank You!

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Hey Defenders!  The end of the year is coming up and its pretty surreal to think that we are heading into a new decade. 2020 seems new, exciting and to be honest, it sounds rather futuristic right? We are so excited to start a New Year. We have many things in the works for 2020, but plan to continue teaching the public about animals, along with teaching the public better ways to respect and love animals, including ones they are afraid of.   Focusing on our classes and events with schools has always been number 1, but this year we are doubling down and expanding our reach with the schools to make sure we can work hard to continue supporting amazing animal classes and biology classes throughout the Southern California area.  We also have plans for many special events that we will be advertising soon, including a customer appreciation day and our new summer camp.

Our life in the digital world is also going to be moving forward full speed. We have been doing some great things for our digital viewers and we are looking forward to expanding our content and really pushing the envelope. Some digital endeavors were a little rocky for us to start, but that is expected when you move the company into a new front. Reaching people digitally is going to be as important for us in 2020 as it is for reaching the public locally. Stay tuned as we continue building up our kids zone with vital material for educating classrooms and families or friends about animals and wildlife.   We have a full year of Animal of the Weeks and thousands of great articles on the way.

This year has been great, but it wouldn’t have been that way with out the people that helped support our efforts, which is you, our customers! You are the real defenders who are out there working to help save the planet by learning and teaching others about the animals they love.  Learning about animals and gaining appreciation for them comes from other people. One person sharing their passion for an animal, is truly a full proof method for having the next person absorb a similar passion.  We are looking forward to doing our part to help Los Angeles change the way they look at animals and we can’t do it without your help.  If you want to find out more on how you can volunteer or become a defender then head to the contact us page and feel free to contact our main office at anytime.


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