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Explore the World of Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

If your child has a fascination with reptiles, you have probably already found all kinds of outlets for them to get information. The Internet is filled with websites where they can see pictures, read articles and information, and watch videos about reptiles from around the world. You can even take them to the zoo so that they can see some of the reptiles for themselves to further their interest. While using these avenues can provide great experiences for your child, giving them the chance to explore the world of exotic reptiles in Los Angeles with our help at Critter Squad can be a wonderful experience they will never forget.

Different Exotic Reptiles for You

Here at Critter Squad, we can bring the reptiles directly to your home as part of your party or event. We offer several specialty packages so you can get programs that only focus on snakes, lizards, or turtles and tortoises. You also get the option of selecting programs that include a little bit of everything so that you get a complete view of different reptiles. All our reptiles are accustomed to handling, and our educators are on-site to display the reptiles, provide information, and help your child and guests touch and handle the reptiles themselves if they wish.

exotic reptiles in los angeles

A Chance to See the Exotic

The programs we offer that include these wonderful exotic reptiles give your child a chance to see the reptiles in a way they may never get to again. With the reptiles up close, they can see and feel them, watch them move and react, and do things that they will not get to see in pictures or even at the local zoo. This kind of experience can leave an incredible impression and make your child want to learn even more.

Find Out More about Our Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles

To learn more about all the exotic reptiles in Los Angeles at Critter Squad, you can check out the web pages we have here to see pictures of the reptiles and learn about the different programs we have available. To arrange for an in-home program for your child’s party, phone us at (818) 654-9433. We can help set everything up for you for the date and time that works best for you so we can bring the reptiles your child will love to see to your home.