Seeing Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles is Easier Than You Think

Seeing Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles is Easier Than You Think

Reptiles have always been one of the species of animals that people young and old are fascinated by. The way they move and the unique way that many of them look is interesting, fun and intriguing to people. Perhaps that is why the reptile house or reptile area at the local zoo is always one of the most popular places among the public. You and your child want to see the different snakes, lizards, tortoises and more that are there, but getting a good look at them is not always so easy. What you may not realize is that there is a great way for you to see exotic reptiles in Los Angeles thanks to us at Critter Squad.

See Reptiles Up Close

Instead of having to wait on line to see reptiles or fight crowds of people just to catch a glimpse of a lizard running back to his hiding spot, or squinting to find that snake in a tree in the dark lighting at the zoo, when you hire us at Critter Squad you can see reptiles up close and personal like never before. Our skilled and trained educators can come to your home or other location and put on a presentation and program so you can see, touch, and hold the reptiles you have always wanted to see.

Seeing Exotic Reptiles in Los Angeles is Easier Than You Think

Learn about Exotic Reptiles

The programs we offer using exotic reptiles in Los Angeles are perfect for birthday parties, school programs, library programs and other events. We give you a unique educational opportunity for children and adults to learn about the beautiful reptiles that we bring with us. We can do reptile-specific  programs for you that focus on snakes, lizards or tortoises, or we can do an all-encompassing program where we bring a variety of reptiles with us for education and entertainment.

Bringing the Reptiles to You

If you want the chance for you and your child to see the exotic reptiles in Los Angeles in ways, you never could before, reach out to us here at Critter Squad so we can arrange a program for your next party or event. You can find out all about us, our history, and the programs we offer here on our website. You may also phone us at 818-654-9433 to speak with us, ask questions, and book a date for us to come out with the amazing reptiles that you will love to interact with.