Andoany Stump Toed Frog Fact Sheet

Common Name:

Andoany Stump Toed Frog,

Scientific Name:

Stumpffia pygmaea

Wild Status:



Tropical Lowland Rainforests




Leaf Litter

Life Span:

Not well documented


up to .5 inches

Cool Facts:

  • The Andoany stump-toed frog is the seventh smallest frog species discovered.
  • They are endemic to Nosy Be and Nosy Komba island.
  •  this stump-toed frog lurks in the leaves in search of ants and termites to feed on.
  • Andoany stump-toed frogs do not use reproduce in water. They give birth to no-feeding tadpoles that rare clumped into foam nests.


The Andoany stump-toed frog  is a microhylid frog with a characteristically narrow mouth. Their backs are light brown with some black patching throughout and darker pigmentation on the upper lip. They have four fingers and five toes and have both inner fingers and toes reduced.

Taxonomic Breakdown:

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Amphibia Order: Anura Family: Microhylidae Subfamily: Cophylinae Genus: Stumpffia Species: S. pygmaea

Conservation & Helping:

Their small range of Nosy Be and Nosy Komba places the Andoany stump-toed frog as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List. Their small range is threatened by urbanization of their island habitat. They rely on the high humidity of leaf-litter that is often removed for agricultural land.

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